premium home baby fetal heartbeat doppler monitor

premium home baby fetal heartbeat doppler monitor

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1. Sensitive probe + large screen backlight, there are 3 counting modes (manual counting/real-time counting/average counting), listening to the voice of life, clear sound quality, easy control, easy to carry, accurate measurement.
2. Equipped with 250ML gel, PH value of 5.5-8.0 can reduce noise and make it easier to detect fetal heart rate.
3. Master the fetal status anytime and anywhere, without queuing up for pregnancy test, saving time and effort.
4. USB probe jack (convenient to change probes, accurate signal transmission) Headphone jack (can plug in headphones to listen, without affecting the surrounding crowd) Speakers (can share the sound with the whole family) Independent probe (dustproof and waterproof, easy to replace and stretch)
5. Listening is the first feeling babies develop, and it can be used to connect with them even before they enter the world.

Size: 20cm * 12cm * 10com/7.8*4.7*3.9in
Packing: Boxed
Material: plastic
Battery: Without battery

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