Powerful Electric Fish Tank Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Electric Fish Tank Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

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In need of a high-powered gravel vacuum that can help you remove gunk that has accumulated at the bottom of your fish tank? Our fish tank vacuum has a simple yet effective filtration system that quickly cleanses the substrate so that you can re-introduce cleansed water back into the tank.

aquarium vacuum

With its handheld design, the fish tank gravel cleaner is extremely easy to control within a small area. Not only that, but the aquarium gravel vacuum can be adjusted in length to make sure that you reach the bottom of the tank.

Equipped with a filtering bonnet, the aquarium gravel cleaner prevents collected dirt from exiting out to the tank. This way, you can rely on the gravel cleaner to trap any dirt that passes through the tube, lessening the hassle of regularly maintaining your fish tank.

fish tank vacuum cleaner

Better yet, the fish tank gravel vacuum is battery-powered and does not require any added wires or power sources to keep it running. Provide a healthy and thriving environment to your fishes by regularly maintaining it with the electric aquarium gravel cleaner.


HIGH IMPACT - Despite its compact build, the aquarium vacuum cleaner thoroughly cleanses and sucks out fish excretions from the bottom of the fish tank. With its versatile design, the gravel vacuum siphons water out of the tank in a fast pace, saving you time and energy.

LIGHTWEIGHT - With an overall body weight of 0.65 pounds, this fish tank vacuum is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. Even when all the accessories of the aquarium vacuum are attached to the main body, it is still easy to move around the tank.

DURABLE - Constructed with ABS and electronic materials, the fish tank gravel cleaner is highly durable and can withstand daily use. Not only that, but each component of the aquarium gravel vacuum fits perfectly together to form a sturdy cleaning machine.


Power Source: Battery-powered - 2 x CLR-14 Battery (not included)
Adjustable: 21.6 to 31.4 in
Recommended for: Aquariums with 10.2-24.4in depth
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic and Electronic Components
Maximum Water Depth: 20.4 in
Color: Transparent and Black


1x Main Part
1x Connecting Tube
1x Long Extension Tube
1x Suction Cup (Short Extension Tube Attached On)
1x Filter Connector
1x Siphon Hose
1x Filtering Bonnet
1x User Manual


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your aquarium gravel cleaner will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 3 to 15 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 11).

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