style: P - Custom Bedding Home Textiles
style: P - Custom Bedding Home Textiles

style: P - Custom Bedding Home Textiles

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Soft and comfortable
Digital printing,
High-definition three-dimensional
No fading, no ball!


Bedding fabric: Polyester fiber
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Twill
Style craft: Quilting
Bedding style: Cartoon and animation series
Gram weight: 120 grams
The main component of the fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main component content of fabric: 100
Subcomponent of fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Subcomponent content of fabric: 100
Fabric material: acetate fiber
color category: Flower color
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 1.8m (6 feet) bed
Product grade: first-class
Style: modern and simple
Number of pieces: 4 pieces
Flower type: 120 grams (white lining cloth)

Dimensions: UT 173*218 two-piece suit, UF 200*229 three-piece suit, UQ 228*228 three-piece suit, K 259*229 three-piece suit, GS 135*210 two-piece suit, GD 200*200 three-piece suit , GK 230*220 three-piece suit, 240*220 three-piece suit, GSK 260*220 three-piece suit, AS 140*210 two-piece suit, 150*200 two-piece suit, 150*210 two-piece suit, AD 180*210 Three-piece suit, AQ 210*210 three-piece suit, AK 210*245 three-piece suit, separate pillowcase 50*75 one

(A) UT 173*218 two-piece set
(B) UF 200*229 three-piece suit
(C) UQ 228*228 three-piece suit
(D) K 259*229 three-piece suit
(E) GS 135*210 two-piece suit
(F) GD 200*200 three-piece suit
(G) GK 230*220 three-piece suit
(H) 240*220 three-piece suit
(I) GSK 260*220 three-piece suit
(J) AS 140*210 two-piece suit
(K) 150*200 two-piece suit
(L) 150*210 two-piece suit
(M) AD 180*210 three-piece suit
(N) AQ 210*210 three-piece suit
(O) AK 210*245 three-piece suit
(P) Individual pillowcase 50*75 one

Package Content:
1 set bedding

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