Airbrush Air  Set Model Air  Set
Airbrush Air  Set Model Air  Set

Airbrush Air Set Model Air Set

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Maximum output pressure: 25PSi (MPa)
Maximum injection flow rate: 12 (L/min)
Best spray distance: 30 (mm)
Spray width: 20 (mm)
Machine weight: 1.14 (kg)
Dimensions: 200x130x120 (mm)
Scope of application: cake silk flower. Model spraying.
Material: plastic, iron, copper, electronic components, magnet

T100K air pump is a set, the maximum pressure: 25psi air flow: 13L / minute input voltage: 100V-250V, 50-60Hz, output voltage 12V DC, 1.6A (ampere) working pressure can be adjusted to include a small pen holder, a 1.8 Meter length air pipe, one adapter, one 130 airbrush paint cup capacity 7CC. One oil water grid. See the intention; after 30 minutes of continuous use of the air pump, please stop for a few minutes, then continue to use after cooling, this will prolong the life of the pump. Mainly used Model making, tattooing, cake decorating, cell phone grooming, personalized shoe painting, exterior wall painting, etc.

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