Pure Expressions Dual Channel Electric Breast Pump

Pure Expressions Dual Channel Electric Breast Pump

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Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and intimate experiences a mother can share with her baby. The Pure Expressions Dual Channel Electric Breast Pump mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm and suckling pattern. With 9 suction strengths and the ability to express milk from both breasts or each breast individually, this groundbreaking technology is why the Pure Expressions Breast Pump is a great choice - excellence matters when it comes to you and your baby.

The two-phase expression includes both Stimulation and Expression modes, imitating the natural breastfeeding experience, which means more milk in less time..

Choose from 9 Suction Strengths, allowing customized adjustment for each individual breast
Indicates Stimulation or Expression Phase
30-minute timer, memory function auto-saves last pumping session.

The closed-loop, anti-back?ow system guarantees no milk backup into the tubing or motor. It's a natural, healthy experience with a pump that?s easy-to-clean.

Each Pump comes with the following:
27mm pump kit w/silicone insert x2
Dust cover x2
4oz wide neck bottle x2
Tubing x2
6V power adapter x1
External Battery Pack
Feeding nipple set x1
Carry Bag

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