Portable Sound Absorbing Acoustic Recording Isolation Studio Booth 3' x 2'

Portable Sound Absorbing Acoustic Recording Isolation Studio Booth 3' x 2'

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Cut down on outside noise and unwanted echo whenever you're recording songs, voice-overs, and jingles with our vocal booth. This recording booth is packed with all the tools you need to make your recordings sound like a pro!

sound absorbing booth

Standing at 6.8 feet tall, our sound booth has a spacious interior to provide you with enough room to install a full mic set up with ease. Designed with your convenience in mind, the isolation booth can be assembled and disassembled within minutes, making it perfect for on-the-go recordings.

Our portable recording booth is fully covered by large blankets that are designed to limit natural echo and reverb that bounces around the room. This way, your recordings such as podcasts, voiceovers, and announcements are crystal clear and noise-free.

best portable vocal booth

Best part of all, the robust frame of the portable sound booth keeps everything upright while you are recording. Effortlessly record clean, noise-free audio at the comfort of your home by setting up this portable studio booth.


DURABLE - Constructed with a high-quality frame, the recording studio booth stands strong each time you assemble it. The frame of the portable isolation booth effortlessly carries the blanket covers to ensure that you have a worry-free recording experience.

EASY ASSEMBLY - Our portable isolation booth comes with multiple components that require a bit of setting up. All that you have to do is to assemble the frame, attach the blanket cover, and install a mic set up inside the vocal booth.

SPACIOUS - Despite its compact design, the portable sound absorbing booth is spacious enough for one individual to comfortably use. This vocal absorbing booth stands tall to give you enough head room to stand up straight and stay comfy during recording sessions.


Mobile/Portable recording booth
Recording Studio/Room (extremely tight squeeze)
Record 1 Vocalist up to 3 vocalists (tight squeeze)
Record various instruments
Mixing / Mastering
PodCast / Webcast / Broadcast
Voice Over
Frame Assembly Diagram
Frame Assembly
Hanging Strips


1x Vocal Booth
2x Sound Absorption Acoustic Wall Blankets - 9 lbs each.
1x Standard Industrial Blanket, Ceiling - 1.8 lbs.
1x LED Bar with 4 Directional Lights & Batteries.
6x General Purpose Clips 


Domestic Shipping (USA): Your recording booth will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Keep in mind our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the globe which means it may take them 3 to 13 business days to arrive after shipment (most of the time closer to 11).

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