Foot Bath Massager Water Soaker Spa Machine

Foot Bath Massager Water Soaker Spa Machine

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Looking for the perfect way to wind down after a long day of hard work and constant standing? Our exclusive foot bath was designed to release all of the tension on the feet and massage them into bliss.

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Equipped with two massage blades, this foot soaker is perfect to get the blood flow going through the toes and feet to calm things down. Our feet usually get strained after walking or standing for too long and this foot bath massager eases all of the tension within minutes.

Best part of all, this foot water massager is fully foldable, meaning it can be taken with you everywhere you go! Keep your feet relaxed and healthy so you can focus on what matters.

best foot spa machine


EASY TO USE - Using this foot soaking tub is as simple as propping it open by unfolding it, filling it up half way with warm water, and dipping your feet in. For best results, we recommend grinding the bottom of your feet against the two rollers for tension release.

COMPACT DESIGN - The foot spa tub fully folds up and becomes one thin piece, making it easy to store in just about any location. Plus, there's a handle on the foot spa machine to make it easy to carry.

BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, this foot soaker bath was built to last. It features a durable plastic design which does not become weak due to constant contact with water. Plus, it's very light and easy to carry.


1x Foot Bath Massager Spa

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