Electric Muscle Stimulator EMS Machine

Electric Muscle Stimulator EMS Machine

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Achy muscles and strained body parts have the potential of completely ruining your day to day life. Not only do daily activities become a burden, but the overall quality of life is lowered as well.

best electric muscle stimulator

Our exclusive muscle stimulator is the ONLY device that has been proven to provide pain relief from a variety of different diseases within days. Used by doctors and physical therapists from all over the world, this ems machine stimulates all of the muscles within the body with just the right amount of pressure and gets blood flowing through them again.

Best part of all, you have the power of choosing the body part you'd like to stimulate with this electric muscle stimulator. It's as simple as sticking the electrodes onto the desired location and turning the electronic stimulator on via the display.

Best EMS machine


EFFECTIVE - Forget feeling good for only a few minutes because our muscle stimulator machine provides long lasting results that actually stick. The electrodes on this muscle stimulation machine simply force your muscles to adapt new behaviors, which reduces pain overall.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - From your hands to your ankles to your back, our electric muscle stimulator can be used on all. Simply connect the electrode wires to the pads or slippers/gloves to change the focal point.

PERSONALIZED - There are four stimulation options available on this ems machine which help provide a personalized session according to your needs. The four options are vibrating thump, soft massage, shaitsu, and pat and scrape therapy.


  • Current: 500mA  
  • Frequency: 1-50Hz
  • Power: 2.5W
  • Pulse intensity: 10 levels

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