Football Helmet Bead Necklaces Non Metallic Red Pack of 12

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This Football Helmet Bead Non Metallic Necklace features tiny red football helmet shaped beads. Made out of plastic, this necklace is allowed in sporting venues, sports bars, or anywhere you can celebrate the game. Comes in a pack of 12 so you can share with your friends and family. Wear your team colors to show your support and dedication.Each necklace features football helmet shaped red beads.NOTE: This item does NOT Light Up, Flash, or Blink. Dimensions: Length: 32 in. Necklace Colors: Red Non Metallic Football Helmet Beads are sold in increments of 12 so when you purchase 1 you will receive an assortment of 12 Football Necklaces. When you purchase 2 you will receive 24 and so on. Packaging: 12 pieces poly bagged-144 pieces per carton.

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